Terms and Conditions

Registration and Admission

To join LevelUp you must be atleast 13 years old. After payment of fee we will share you the credential details on your registered email

Duration and Validity

Course content and community access is life time free. But if you want to schedulethe doubt solving session after first two months you have to pay additional 300Rs for every two months

LevelUp account and Community access

Once the payment is done your account will be activated with in 1-2 working days(Non working days and settlement holidays are not included). At a time you are only allowed to use one account for one payment, if you want to modify your email by requesting to our customer support, after modification your previous email from our community will be removed, same is applicable for the discord community also.


Content will be under copyright act. If any person violated or sharing to an unauthorized person, you may face legal consequences based on copyright act


If any unethical activity held from your side LevelUp have the right to terminate your account

Payment and Refund Policy

Your account will only get activated once company received your payment confirmation. If payment delayed due to any third party or bank side issue you have to wait till the issue is resolved. Once you have done the payment it is not refundable and you don't have the right to cancel the admission

Website modification

LevelUp have the right to modify their website and community channels at any point of time

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