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Explore our wide range of trading courses at LevelUp. Designed for beginners and experienced traders, our courses are available in your comfortable language, making them accessible to learners who prefer their mother tongue. With engaging content, including video tutorials, interactive sessions, and real-life case studies, our expert instructors empower you to navigate the trading market with confidence. Join our community today and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a proficient trader in your language of choice.

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LevelUp is a community that built by traders for the aspiring traders. The main aim is to provide trading courses that can be affordable and simply understandable for every common people in an efficient way.

This question need a good clarification, most of every traders spend lot of money in their beginning stage to learn trading know that 70%-80% of courses providers are providing courses that is not worth and looting from learners and scaming them. They are just trainers not ready to reveal their profit and loss statement. We are happy to share our trainers profit and loss statement with you and you can also refer their youtube videos to know their efficiency.

You just need to visit our website and purchase our course by paying through online, all the lecture related information will be provided on your registered email id or you can contact us through WhatsApp or directly call (+918884983843, email:

Ofcourse, after the successful completeion of the course and online test you are eligible to receive the certificate.

You know that most of the course related to Stock market trading is charging high amount of money. Our aim is to provide a best course at minimum cost which helps every common people to acheive their financial freedom.

LevelUp's primary objective is not to make profit by selling courses, there is a social motive also behind this.You all know courses related to stock trading is highly expensive. Most of the people want to learn this high income generating skill, but the high course fee is not easily affordable for a person coming from a middle class family or a daily wage worker, our founder is also from a middle class family. He struggled a lot, he spent a lot of money to learn this skill during his early career, but most of the courses conducted by scammers or it has a high price.We need to eliminate these type of scammers and our aim is to make you a better trader by spending a less cost that you can afford.

We are only charging minimum amount from you, for a structured course like this we have to pay salary for our champ mentors and we need to meet some day to day expenses and need to pay salaries to the backend staff.

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